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Digital health is the emerging industry that spans the vast domain of traditonal healthcare delivery, rapidly growing wellness ecosystem and the ubiquitous world of technology and connectivity. In this landscape, there is a dearth of understanding, knowledge, competence and experience, that allow corporations to deliver meaningful and profitable solutons to their customers.


In this new age where chronic lifestyle diseases are the bane, wellness and preventative health is the new mantra and the millenials are the new generation - everything has changed. Technology, mobile netwroks, smart phones, instant information and long tailing for personalised needs become the tools of the trade.


And with these tools in one's armoury, great achievements are possible. Designing the right solution and then deploying it effectively is our strength and promise.



Digital Hospital & Connected Health for Health Care Providers


With increasing levels of health awareness via web and mobile technologies, a vast majority of people today have shifted their focus to managing their health by themselves, rather than constantly relying on doctors and clinics and hospitals. No longer do people wait to be affected with a medical condition – they are now taking charge and ensuring they take all possible care and preventive measures to ensure that they beat common ailments and keep larger health risks at bay.


This move has not gone unnoticed by doctors, who have also started adopting the “wellness” mantra to coax and guide their community into following a healthier lifestyle. Healthcare providers have also gained ground by focusing on a portfolio of wellness services that cater to a local community’s need for overall health and wellness regimes. Digital technoligies make this possible and more effective.

Preventative Digital Health Models for Insurance Providers


The right health information can be developed to inspire people to engage in their own health. People who have access to individualised and easy-to-understand health information have improved levels of health, better healthcare outcomes and consume less healthcare resources. The entire team at Resident Logic is committed to turning this belief into reality and has begun by producing health information that is accurate, engaging, empathetic and easy to understand - and delivered digitally.


We have brought together a multi-disciplinary team of the very best medical, creative and digital minds to revolutionise the delivery of consumer health information online. IThe core mission is to facilitate engagement in happy and healthy lifestyles, promote preventative health measures, and support those living with chronic illnesses.


These models can include telemonitoring for high risk members, connected devices for better lifestyle and condition management and incentives based check-ins that promote improbed health behaviour.

Smart Health for Telcos - mHealth, eHealth, Cloud & Apps 


Telcos are the connectum. The e in eHealth and the m in mHealth. mHealth holds great promise for the next generation of healthcare, benefits are already being seen in today’s nascent service offerings. Products run the gamut from SMS-based alerts to fitness and healthcare apps to mobile solutions suitable for use by medical personnel. The world’s population is aging and expenditures for healthcare are increasing at an unsustainable rate. Telcos in collaboration with innovative healthcare institutions are creating new approaches that will serve customers in a more cost- efficient manner.


With its in-depth understanding of networking, telecommunications and mobility gained by working with the region's leading network operators, Resident Logic is uniquely prepared to assist companies in forming persistent healthcare strategies and in designing, imple-menting and maintaining integrated healthcare devices and services.

Integrated Digital Solutions for Corporate Wellness


Employee health care costs are skyrocketing due to our national epidemic of poor health caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices. The best wellness programs work to improve employee health, contain health care costs and increase productivity and retention of healthy employees.


The need of the hour is to offer an entire suite of results-oriented health and wellness solutions that are designed for organisations interested in helping their employees achieve lasting lifestyle changes. Imagine a wellness program that is tailored specifically to your company’s needs, energizes employees and their families, and yields a strong return on your investment.

Business Readiness Planning & Management

We can assist in the most critical stage of your system implementation - the stage where you go-live and your end users have to start using the new systems. 

It is important and critical that methodical and sufficient readiness has been put in place to ensure a smooth transition. You would want to maximise the business benefit from your investment and avoid the usual traps of a failed implementation because the end users were unwilling to accept the new system.

We address areas of process impact analysis, value realisation, go-no go check lists, roll back planning, knowledge and training planning to make sure each and every effected person in the organisation is ready to embrace the coming shift.


We conduct workshops for process changes, interim planning, to-be scenarios, design based process workshops, impact analysis, user acceptance, training planning and readiness, awareness and stake holder communications, as well as defining relevant KPIs and value measures - all are vital components of business readiness. 

Our professional and experienced team will work with you to develop, manage and implement effective change and readiness strategies. 

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