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Healthcare gets Personal & Digital

As personalised wellness assessment is done for each individual, it enables organisations to design for the long tail. Each individual can be targeted with specific services and programs that help them set and achieve health and wellness goals. When this is complimented with highly informative education and empowerment sessions, counselling and coaching for personal wellness, corporate level campaigns and specific fitness and disease management initiatives, together with focus on nutrition and stress management - we have the optimal environment for providing every individual with the tools needed to make right lifestyle choices. 


This whole ecosystem can be designed and delivered digitally, online and via apps. It makes engagegment high, motivation strong and measuring effcetiveness possible.


Design, Develop, Deploy & Manage

Projects & Programs
Digital Wellness Platforms for Patient Engagement


In today's environemnt where patient empowerment is key and effective engagement is elusive, offering conncted health via digital health and wellness platforms is a viable solution. 


Resident Logic can assist in the design and deployment of such platforms catering to both the individual and the family; arming members with the right tools and services to be more engaged than ever in their well-being. Making use of interconnected technology, well-developed algorithms, and meaningful content, We can ensure the delivery of health and wellness results that are comprehensive, collaborative, efficient, and individualized to meet the individual and family’s needs.


Let us understand your requirements and we will be delighted to suggested the optimal model for your needs.

Corporate Wellness Models for Connected Health 


Traditional corporate wellness programs have run into challenges primarily because they are not measurable, often repetitive and not engaging enough for employees and cannot demonstrate RoI. They also remain generalised in nature and cannot address the unique personalised needs of a wellness conscious individual. 


Without an effective solution to address all of these issue, one is confronted by rising medical insurance and employee productivity related costs and the overall system is becoming unsustainable. 


Deploy feature rich highly connected system of health records, wellness content, tools and social connections that allows very individual to live and be happy in a world of wellness and good health. It enables Personal Health Connections that are meaningful and effective and help in changing employee behaviour and thus improve health.

Smart Homes & Telemonitoring for Chronic Patients


Patients face long wait times at their physicians’ offices, often for minor ailments or routine follow-ups. Because consultations can be difficult to schedule, patients often skip follow-up visits or turn to online medical services and websites that may not provide reliable information. This not only erodes the doctor-patient relationship, but also potentially puts the patients’ health at risk.


Telemedicine solutions can help physicians provide more convenient, real-time interactions with their patients while simultaneously relieving the scheduling pressure on the physician practice.


Telemedicine (sometimes referred to as telehealth) is a suite of technology solutions that enable doctors to communicate with and treat patients via text, video, and remote monitoring, while also enabling improved communication with other physicians and staff.

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