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Best of Breed of Solutions

Resident Logic is the in-market partner for global and local solution and service providers. The goal is to offer our clients the best in their specific domains and industries, and bring effective and proven companies to the region.

The focus is to improve efficiencies, through the deployment of information technology and human solutions. 

Partners support our clients with robust products, reliable services and customised solutions.

We now offer solutions across wellness, health & wellbeing, e-governance, travel and leisure, education and human resources as well as cross industry horizontal corporate solutions and services.


Health & Wellness, Digital Assets & Strategy, Apps, AI

Vertical & Horizontal Cross Industry Services & Solutions



Global Wellness is a ‘one stop shop,’ that can cost-effectively meet the wellness requirements of healthcare providers, wellness service providers and health and fitness facilities in the GCC. We have joined hands with Resident Logic in UAE and some of the leading companies of the world to bring in exceptional products & services in the wellness domain. We offer these in various flexible and innovative business models to our customers and partners and ensure sustainable revenues, delighted customers through the opportunity to tap into the growing wellness industry.


Our experience & expertise of more than 15 years in the Health & Wellness industry, together with deep insights into consumer and end user behavior, makes us unique & a ‘must have’ partner for any facility desiring of providing 'wellbeing services'.


Our products & services portfolio comprises of a diverse range of wellness solutions like Learning Management Solutions, Digital Content Delivery, Yoga DVDs, Nutrition Programs, Wellness Kits other emerging, proven and effective solutions.

Medimojo is improving health outcomes by early detection and evidence based treatment. Our approach is to develop and use technology that allows to disrupt the healthcare ecosystem in a positive way.

Our Vision is disease prevention, keeping people out of hospitals & reduce healthcare costs. Health Care needs to move from the detect & contain phase to predict & prevent mode & thus providing people better life with healthier & disease free living.

While individuals get peace of mind with their health records being safe,secure & available all the time, data science tools use the data so generated to create insights & feedback mechanism to act & prevent disease incidence. With this the healthcare delivery truly becomes patient centric & coordinated between various care givers, resulting in better evidence based diagnosis & improved outcomes at lower costs.

Our Mission therefore is Preserve & Personalize health records management to Predict & Prevent diseases.

Resident Logic is the exclusive sales and consulting partner for Medimojo in the Middle east and works closely to offer app based and white labelled digital health solutions to clients in the region.

Imtac has emerged as one of the largest technology companies in the GCC region and a brand name synonymous with innovative solutions and Industry leading services.


Imtac’s knowledge of business needs in the local markets, a large pool of domain/ technical expertise and partnership with industry leading partners gives the company a distinctive position for large system integration projects. The company’s business has been built on the principle of providing outstanding service value for customers across the region and sectors.


At Imtac, we leverage our rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering services that help you constantly innovate, launch new products, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at reduced costs. Imtac has developed a portfolio of products and services across Government, Banking & Finance, Life Sciences, Leisure and other horizontal corporate requirements.


Imtac is associated with Resident Logic to offers its proven expertise in the UAE market to its valued customers. 

Delivering Business Insights.

Knowledge-driven Decisions & Actions: Decisions & actions on all org levels are driven by deep understanding of relevant facts, uncovered from hard-to-get web information.

Reliable Early Crises Detection: Automating the process of capturing and filtering signals of potentially critical importance mitigates largely the risk for the company to get caught unprepared by external factors.

Affordable processing: Keeping costs low when processing very large and utterly diverse information volumes in near real-time.

Sensika is associated with Resident Logic to offers its proven expertise in the UAE market to its valued customers. 

Wiseyak, a healthcare artificial intelligence and technology company that was born in the Himalayan valley and dares to take healthcare to new heights, globally. Using Artificial Intelligence In: 

Remote diagnosis: Worried about reducing out-patient wait times? Our platform can help you treat patients anywhere with low overhead!

Personalized care: Patients are demanding more customized treatments? We can help contextualize on a per-patient basis!


Centralized health history: A lot of paper lab reports, prescriptions and EHRs to analyze in a short time? Let us find and analyze the patterns for you!

Wiseyak is associated with Resident Logic to offers its proven expertise in the UAE market to its valued customers. 

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