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Team Consulting 

Digital Health & Wellness Consultants
Communications Specialists
Resident Logic ConsultInc. (FZE)

Resident Logic ConsultInc. FZE (RLC) was conceptualized in 2015 and incorporated in January 2017 as a boutique consulting and marketing services firm based out of the United Arab Emirates and India.


Resident Logic specializes in the design, development, implementation and deployment of effective digital health, wellness and digital marketing strategies. Through its team of consultants and partners led by Founder & CEO, Santanu, they are focused on helping telco, insurance, healthcare provider and corporate clients develop the appropriate strategy, go-to-market approach, product proposition and business models in digital health and wellness.

Successful projects with Telcos, Payers & Healthcare Providers.​

Santanu and team are currently advising clients on developing effective workplace wellness models, personalized lifestyle wellness portals and apps, implementing connected care & wellness centers and other digitally extendable health and wellness solutions.


Santanu Biswas; B.E. (Elec), PGDM (IIM-A) 

He has successfully built and marketed a best-in-class digital health platform. This platform was recognized and awarded as one of the top 10 innovation products in the Middle East by GE Innovations Council. He also increased the valuation of a start up company more than threefold with timely and strategic divestment. The start up was led by him and was successful in signing several strategic corporate, partnership and platform-as-a-service deals in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.


His current interests and goals are to establish telemedicine, digital health and personalized medicine innovations in the region; to connect disparate health care segments with leading healthcare provider networks across the world, and to support the emergence of new insurance led models for improved outcomes and reduced costs. 


As a regional thought leader and subject matter expert, he is welcomed and has contributed to prestigious international telecom and healthcare fora. He is an active publisher on various digital channels and has delivered multiple healthcare projects, understands healthcare industry trends as well as local systemic challenges. 

Decade-long proven expertise in strategic, marketing, corporate, project and technical communications with leading global firms across the Middle East, India, US and Europe. Experience in multiple areas of communications and project management working for multi-national companies. Accomplished and proven track record for developing communications, presentations, newsletters, performance reports, intranets, web site content, marketing communications and messaging processes in support of company goals and management objectives. Excellent research capabilities and proven ability to develop and manage project schedules. Excellent customer service skills with proven ability to conceptualize the customers’ needs

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